I Don't Care (casey_lou) wrote in kingcounty,
I Don't Care

LA Fitness? Personal trainer?

Hey dudes. So I have a membership to LA Fitness; my work is across the street from the one in Renton, and I live near to the one in Bellevue. I am probably going to go in and see how their rates are to hire a personal trainer but, well, I figure I would also see if there were any regulars to the clubs here as well.

If you have a suggestion about a personal trainer (or are one yourself), that would be great too. Not sure if I want to train at Bellevue or Renton just yet.

About me:

22, professional female; vegetarian.
5'6, declared a mesomorph by my doctor.
168lbs, BMI is 30-32% or thereabouts.

I am pretty fit overall but have put on some fat since travelling and getting complacent (read: BORED). I also have a Nike sport kit for my ipod and did the Nike Human Race in November...anybody else around here do the same?

Thanks in advance.
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